Foxtale – Success Story

Inspired by Real women to work wonders with skincare that works
Elevated ad investments were met with impressive results as we achieved a remarkable 10% boost in ROAS through our Google Ads Campaigns. Balancing increased ad spends with strategic precision, our data-driven approach ensured every dollar yielded tangible returns. This success underscores our ability to scale effectively while optimizing for maximum impact.

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About the Brand

Foxtale is a premium skincare brand that offers a diverse range of high-quality products. Their skincare line consists of meticulously crafted formulations using skin-friendly ingredients that are free from harmful side effects. Each product is highly rated and ensures cruelty-free production. Foxtale takes pride in creating specialized solutions for different skin types, providing effective and tailored care. With their commitment to quality and ethical practices, Foxtale is dedicated to helping individuals achieve healthy and radiant skin.


Foxtale faced challenges in efficiently scaling up their Google Ads campaigns while maintaining or improving their ROAS.


We conducted an account-level audit and identified a promising opportunity to increase ad spend and ROAS through restructuring. We implemented the following changes to their campaigns:
We restructured the existing campaigns by separating them and removing assets from the Pmax campaigns to prevent display ads. Instead, we created separate display ads with more control over specific creatives. This allowed us to assess performance and adjust the budget accordingly for better results.
We launched multiple campaigns, including Display, Discovery, Search DSA, and Shopping campaigns, to optimize effectively and allocate the budget based on performance. This approach enabled us to reach specific audiences and maximize the impact of our advertising efforts.
To enhance performance and expand our customer base, we added a brand keyword list to the Pmax campaign. This helped us acquire new customers beyond the brand and boost overall campaign performance.


By strategically restructuring and optimizing our approach, we were able to increase our spending by an impressive 200%. What’s even more remarkable is that we achieved this growth while maintaining and improving Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) by 10%. Our success can be attributed to careful planning and execution.
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“ViralMint has played a crucial role in our online growth. The amount of effort they have put in is simply outstanding. The capable team had a strategic approach to every challenge, which has helped us achieve remarkable growth in terms of Ad Spends & ROAS. The team’s dedication, efforts & ability to think out of the box is commendable. Kudos to the entire team. We look forward to growing together for years to come.”