ViralMint Exchange

Run online advertisements with expert strategies on high-intent ad platforms
Encompassing all aspects of media buying on Google, Meta platforms, and various quality traffic native advertising platforms. We focus on driving brand awareness, outreach, loyalty, and promoting sales through targeted ad-exchange deals. We excel in creating topical campaigns with smart performance marketing to maximize impact and ROI. Additionally, we are well-versed in social commerce, harnessing its potential to drive results for your business.

Google Ads

Promote your business at the top of Google search with us, your premier google ads partner. Identify scalable opportunities, full-funnel campaigns driven by strategic ad setups, optimization, and conversions. We run campaigns like Search (text ads on Google search results); Display (image ads on websites); Video (video ads on YouTube); Shopping (product listings on Google); App (your app promotion on multiple channels). Google ads are a must for every brand looking to grow big and bigger on the internet.

YouTube Ads

Be seen on YouTube to attract new customers and begin meaningful conversations with your customers. It is a proven platform to establish a personal bond with your customers to ensure brand loyalty. We proliferate your video ads into various proven YouTube Ad campaigns enabling top, mid and bottom funnel YouTube video ad strategies proven to increase brand awareness, outreach, conversions, and retention for your business along with showcasing the personified version of the brand to increase brand connection.

Meta Ads

Drive brand awareness, performance campaigns with the world’s biggest social media network. Setup, strategic campaigns, marketing and advertising services. Facebook is a platform for businesses of all size and niche, we will enable an allround ad campaign strategy with Image ads, Video ads, Carousel ads, Collection ads to ensure a full stack advantage of the platform’s mass audience cohorts.

Native Ads

Increase your revenue with a 360-degree advertising strategy by inculcating native ads platform in your growth & performance marketing strategies. Enable native advertising with platforms like Times Columbia, ShareChat, Taboola, and more to leverage their high value domain ranking and credibility that increases brand value. Native ads enable a broader audience reach with wider audience segments and deeper data insights to launch ad campaigns that increase your brand visibility with a comprehensive advertising media plan.

Affiliate Marketing

Activate high quality lead generation affiliate programs with driven customer engagement, acquisitions, and retention based transactions. Our advanced marketers facilitate heightened visibility on high-value partnership platforms that drive brand engagement and growth. We also empower brands with a robust network of key influencers, advertisers and publishers that enables brands to connect with the right marketer and maximize tangible returns.

Growth Marketing

Curated business growth strategies that amplify a host of marketing strategies for a full funnel approach. Generate brand campaigns for awareness, acquisition, activation, retention, revenue and referral with data-driven controlled experiments that ensure an overall long-term brand growth. Create a lifetime value of consumers & turn them into brand evangelists with our experienced growth marketing pioneers.