Gynoveda – Success Story

Gynoveda is leading the period revolution in India.
Gynoveda witnessed remarkable growth in search volume, with a 274% increase overall and a 273% surge in brand-specific searches. The brand experienced significant organic growth (251%) and saw a substantial rise in direct website traffic (267%). The campaigns also achieved a monumental growth of 305% in first-time buyers and improved average session duration from 1:23 to 2:19, demonstrating the success of ViralMint’s marketing efforts.

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About the Brand

Gynoveda is an online platform founded by Dr. Aarti Patil, Vishal Gupta & Rachna Gupta, dedicated to women’s health and well-being. They provide personalized Ayurvedic healthcare solutions, herbal supplements, and wellness kits to address various women’s health concerns. By combining traditional Ayurveda with modern technology, Gynoveda empowers women with holistic healing practices and informed decision-making, bridging the gap between traditional Ayurveda and modern healthcare.


Considering challenges in healthcare remarketing, a video sequencing strategy was implemented to identify and engage the target audience effectively. The primary video was divided into purposeful clips, each addressing symptoms, providing solutions, and employing tailored sequencing for different locations. Through careful monitoring of user behavior, potential customers were identified and nurtured during their journey, optimizing conversion campaigns to align with broader business goals. By filtering and analyzing user insights, prospects were targeted efficiently, ensuring effective engagement and optimization.


Due to remarketing limitations in the healthcare category, a video sequencing strategy was proposed.
In addition to the main video, clips were created to focus on nurturing the target audience by showing Doctor video and Customer’s story.
A brand video addressing symptoms was used for top-of-funnel engagement and user journey nurturing.
Empathetic messaging was employed to connect with users and present the problem statement and solution.
A unique video sequencing approach was adapted to identify potential buyers and replicate successful sequences for different geographical regions.


Online searches for Gynoveda and its products grew significantly, with a 274% increase in overall search volume and a 273% surge in brand-specific searches. The brand experienced a remarkable 251% organic growth and a 267% rise in direct website traffic. Notably, there was a monumental 305% growth in first-time buyers, and the average session duration increased from 1:23 minutes to 2:19 minutes, showcasing the success of ViralMint’s marketing efforts in creating value.
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increase in search volume
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surge in brand-specific searches
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growth in first-time buyers
“Team ViralMint took the time to truly understand my business goals and target audience. They crafted a tailored Google Ads strategy for YouTube that not only increased our online visibility but also drove meaningful and relevant traffic to our website. The results spoke for themselves – organic and direct traffic soared, and conversions saw a remarkable upswing.”