Success Story

A journey of unprecedented growth for Women Health category

from brand launch to a 1000% increase in Total Orders in Just a year!

A Tata Brand attempts to kingpin women’s nutrition in India! Introduction of an entirely plant-based protein powder, the brand aims to provide women with supplements to lead a healthier and active life.


Tata GoFit partnered with us for the launch of the women-centric brand that addresses the ignored health issues affected by protein deficiencies in women. Our data-oriented team devised a systematic approach to make a sound plan for a successful launch and marketing of the products.


Due to the rarity of the acceptance in the concept of protein for women’s health, there was a subliminal blindness towards ads regarding women taking protein supplements. A creative conceptualisation and strategic advertising plan was required to address these awareness, acceptance and conversion issues the brand faced.

Strategy/ Approach


Website launch

We designed and developed a website that has an ideal user experience, brand communication and high-converting product listing and detail pages. With a decade’s experience and expertise our strategists developed a website enabling high average session durations to convert website visitors to brand loyalists.

Ad Setup & learnings

The ad campaigns were planned to encompass category awareness, product acceptance to increase consumption habits, and acquisition. Various Creative brand communications testing and awareness campaigns were launched including video campaigns, static banners and carousels on platforms like- Google Ads, GooglePay Coupons, Youtube Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads.

Brand consultation

With a diligent study of the market, consumer behaviors and learnings from the launch campaigns, the team consulted the brand to optimize the website and product pages and introduced the launch of assorted products(smaller product samples) campaigns that could influence acquisitions.

Micro events/sales strategies

Along with a top funnel fulfillment, we also created a mix of various campaigns that leveraged major micro events to boost sales. During the events like Women’s day and Independence day sale strategy majorly heightened sales for the brand. Through these strategic ad operations and optimizations, we successfully reduced Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) by 10x and achieved successful results for the brand.

brand strategy

Overall Brand Strategy for Tata GoFit included

Overall Performance and Growth Marketing plans(Meta Network ads, Google Network Ads), Website development & AMC, Gpay Offers & Deals, and Retention Marketing

Brand Launch

Category Introduction

Category Awareness

Strategic Product Ad Campaigns

Leveraged Sale days- Achieved zero to 100+ orders in a day!


Total Ad spends scaled by 56% in a year!

Within a year of Tata GoFit’s launch with ViralMint, the brand is minting a path to a sustainable success!
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