ViralMint is now a proud Amazon Insider with Amazon ADvisor!

ViralMint is now a part of Amazon Marketing Service’s insider community with the Amazon Advisor status, a significant milestone in our journey towards becoming a leading Amazon influence. This recognition is a testament to our commitment to providing our clients with top-notch Amazon marketing services that help them grow their businesses.
Amazon is now the World’s leading e-commerce destination and has a significant market presence, also widely recognized as a leader that is shaping the e-commerce industry. Amazon Marketing Services are also one of the world’s most sophisticated e-commerce marketplace marketing services. Amazon lets you get in front of its premium audience that is all ready to purchase. Amazon is leading the industry in an inquisitive direction along with the industry’s rebellious leaders that are willing to disrupt. The Amazon Team reached out to honor our teammate, Rohit Nalamwar, Head of Marketplaces, with the Amazon ADvisors community invitation.

“You are now part of an exclusive group of marketing professionals who get to be the voice of Amazon Ads in the digital marketing space. We, with all excitement, are looking forward to connecting with you" - Amazon ADvisors Program Team

This cites as an opportunity to upscale our Amazon marketing experience with an exclusive group of stellar marketing professionals who get to be the voice of Amazon Ads. As an Amazon ADvisor, we have demonstrated our expertise in Amazon advertising, optimization, and displaying benchmark performances. We have met Amazon’s uncompromising requirements for performance, account health, and customer service, meaning that our clients can trust us to help them achieve their business goals on Amazon.
Our partnership with Amazon offers several benefits to our clients.
We have access to exclusive Amazon tools and resources that enable us to optimize our clients’ Amazon listings, ads, and campaigns with ingenious insights that are beyond the regular optimizations available to the general sellers. This translates into increased visibility, traffic, and sales for our client’s products and early access to beta projects and tools

With this laurel Amazon ADvisors, we have attained another level up of our Amazon marketing strategies. We are even more confident that the services we provide surpass way beyond our client’s expectations! Viralmint is an Amazon partner even Amazon is thrilled about! A proud Indian agency that has been a part of this inception and contributed to the journey of marketplace marketing for D2C brands in India.

We are proud to have earned the Amazon ADvisor status and are committed to providing our clients with exceptional Amazon marketing services that drive results. Our partnership with Amazon enables us to offer an insider-like Amazon marketing experience to our clients with exclusive tools, dedicated expertise, and transparent reporting that help them grow their businesses on Amazon.